PM of the UK, Teresa May, is now accusing Russia of being behind the murder of former double agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, UK. He was a KGB agent who became a double agent working for the UK many years ago. (Note that the KGB was replaced by the FSB a long, long time ago.)

Russia has requested a sample of the substance and been denied. Russia requested a sample be submitted to the OPCW, Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the independent arm of the UN that deals with such accusations, in accordance with the CWC, Chemical Weapons Convention, of which both Russia and the UK are signatories. The rules of the CWC are supposed to be binding. May claims she will comply but to date, there is no proof she has done so.

In the meantime, she has pushed for actions in the UK with virtually no opposition. Actions to expel 23 Russian diplomats. She is trying to take further actions which would freeze Russian assets in the UK. She has also expressed rhetoric to increase defense spending, not only in the UK but across NATO, to exceed the 2% of GDP which has been tossed around. (What happened to Brexit, Teresa?!)

Here are some of the biggest problems with May’s claims on the poisoning:

The nerve agent in question is not a single agent, it is a CLASS of nerve agents which comprise over 100 different compounds, called Novichok. It was developed decades ago and manufactured in Uzbekistan, which is no longer a part of Russia. It hasn’t been since 1991. The location where it was once made no longer even exists.

The formula for the agent in question is not considered secret in terms of chemical agents. It’s allegedly easy to reproduce. I doubt that you can download the formula by looking it up but it is known to most countries at this point.

The poisoning took place at a location only 10 km from a UK chemical weapons research facility which may have that substance in stock. No word on whether this is the case and if all of it has been accounted for. One should recall that the Anthrax scare in the US involved missing inventory from a US chemical weapons research site.

The double agent who was killed was convicted in Russia, served 4 years in a Russian prison before being traded to the UK in a prisoner swap 8 years ago. So he had been interrogated by Russia, then by Britain and had been living in the open for 8 years.

The timing is highly suspicious, considering that the Russian presidential election is days away, beginning March 18th. Because Russia is so large, their election runs all the way through April 8th. Teresa May does not want to see Putin reelected, as he is not easily intimidated.

In addition, the FIFA World Cup is coming up in June in Russia. Russia was already dishonored at the Winter Olympics this year and now it seems the West wants to keep this trend going.

Because of all the accusations with no proof ever verified against the Russian government, all eyes have been on Russia for some time now.

The ultimate point of this is that when you consider the timing of this event, there is absolutely NOTHING that Russia would have to gain from such a foolish act. If they really wanted to assassinate this man, there were many options available to do so which would NOT include a nerve agent which would even suggest Russian involvement.

Plenty of other people have things to gain from it. Teresa May being one of the chief beneficiaries. The Military Industrial Complex also right at the top.

The UK appears to be playing by the exact same playbook being used in the US. They have claimed Russia interfered in the Brexit vote, with no evidence found. In the US, the same happened with the 2016 election. They claim RT is spreading Russian propaganda in both countries but cannot point to a single story RT has run which fits that description. The US increased military spending based on alleged Russian threats (of hacking/collusion/election interference) by $80 billion. So now it seems Teresa May wants a piece of that pie. Meanwhile both the US and UK are in debt and struggling with the cost of healthcare systems, while their financial problems were caused by benefits they gave to the already wealthy at a massive cost to their citizens.

Both countries are also ignoring the cries of the majority of their own citizens that we do NOT want to go to war with Russia. We don’t want war with anyone at all, let alone a nuclear power that just revealed the most advanced nuclear weapons ever produced only last week.

The citizens of all three countries and the Russian government have been screaming for diplomacy rather than aggressive actions. Only a fringe element in each country wants anything done before investigations are completed. And they are fringe elements. If not on the fringe of society, definitely on the far fringes of sanity.

At the same time as all of this, the US is threatening to bomb the Syrian military, who are supported by the Russian military. The fact still remains that Russia is in Syria legally and the US has NEVER been given approval by the UNSC to be in Syria at all. Russia has stated clearly that any attack on the Surian military by the US will gain a response from Russia. No matter how many military bases the US has in the region, they are already low on bombs and they are a LONG way from home. Russian forces? Not so much. Look at a map.

Make no mistake. This is a march to war which cannot end well for anyone concerned. It’s far beyond time to start listening to calmer heads and intelligent voices.

Sadly, I have no hope left that this will happen.

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Issues unite, names divide

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