A few weeks ago, I announced the opening of the new site, http://rallyandprotest.com. As of yet, there have been no listings but most of that is on me. There are a few challenges involved.

Some challenges are obvious. I haven’t had a great amount of time to devote to the site. So it doesn’t look quite as professional as I would like it to just yet. I’ll be working on it more.

Another challenge is money. Until the site starts getting listings, I can’t afford much in the way of advertising. Without spending money on advertising, I’m less likely to get listings.

If a site has no visibility, no matter how low pricing is, many groups or candidates are rightfully hesitant to post any listings.

Things are changing and I may have more time in a few weeks. My employer has hired two more nurses for my shift. Since I work PRN (as needed), it’s likely I will have fewer hours. Obviously, that will mean less income but it also means more time to devote to the site and to my writing.

One thought struck me a couple of nights ago. This site would be eligible for grants from various organizations. Before that can happen, I have to get the site listed as a nonprofit. That will cost money and take some work but it has to be done. Then I will probably have to establish a business bank account for it. I’m doing research into all the above to get it done. One aspect is that I will have to find people willing to be board members, a requirement for nonprofits.

If I do apply for grants, the one thing I am adamant about is that the site maintain the same vision as I detailed before. That it will be nonpartisan. It will not allow listings for hate groups or representatives. Some people may not like it but I am going to talk to the Soros foundation. I figure inquiring does no harm and ethics will always take precedence. What’s the worst that can happen? They demand controls tied to their grants that I decline and I wind up exactly where I’m at? Just means it will take longer to get it off the ground. This is a long term project, so time is not an issue. They will not be the only ones I will be talking to.

Any grants I may possibly receive will be a short term situation. Only enough to get rolling. This is meant to be self-sustaining. The less money received from sources that may result in a false perception of bias the better. The sooner to detach from it, even better.

Once off the ground, I do intend for the arrangement to pay me a salary, allowing me to reduce regular work hours or devote full time to it. That just makes sense, as listing it as a nonprofit means I will have to be CEO, CFO, CTO, COO.. and janitor. However, most of any income would be recycled into the organization. I guess I should call it an organization, shouldn’t I?

Crap. Accounting. Yuck.

An advantage to applying for grants is that some organizations that offer grants may also offer legal advice. Some may offer financial and tax advice. This is all new territory for me, so that would be welcome. If the organization becomes large enough, any income would eventually allow for hiring an employee or two, at least part-time and retain legal counsel just in case.

Being able to reduce regular work hours would also allow me to work on writing more. Finish my book. Maybe more than one. Start doing videos again.

So, maybe the possibility of less hours at work is a good thing. Though I’ll probably be working harder than ever. That’s okay, long as it does something positive.

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Issues unite, names divide

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