US Cyber Attacks Against Russia

The NYT recently published an article stating that the US Cyber Command is conducting aggressive operations against the Russian power grid.

No, I’m not going to link to the article. I try to not promote corporate propaganda and that’s precisely what the NYT article is. Warmongering in the worst form. You want them to keep making money from garbage like this, then you actively promote them fabricating more of it. I will not help you with that.

One thing they state is that Trump gave authorization to conduct such operations without further authorization. Then they claim they are not keeping Trump informed because he may reveal the operation (while they are talking about it publicly) or that they fear he will order them to stop. That last part is why they are really doing this. Yet they think he will not learn of it when they talk openly to the press? Really? You believe that? Are you really that stupid? The NYT thinks you are.

The article goes on to state that they have inserted malicious code into the Russian power grid ever since 2012. So, was this a response to Crimea/Ukraine? No, that happened in 2014. Was it a response to what happened in Georgia? Hmm. That happened in 2008. In 2009 Obama/Hillary were promoting the “reset button” thing and it was after that when Hillary/Obama/Mueller approved selling 20% of our uranium processing ability to Russia in the Uranium One deal.

Now, they state clearly that their attacks are being done online via internet. However, Russia has already developed and deployed a separate internet system which currently interacts with the world wide web but can be disconnected from the WWW in the event of hostilities with another country which threatens their electronic security.

Russia has already conducted national drills simulating a nuclear attack. They have made it clear they can disconnect their power grid from the internet.

The article states that Russia has implanted code which can disrupt our power supply. Of course, the response is to do the same thing to them. Not to disconnect the power supply from the internet. That would make sense. Not to create a separate system of electronic communication running parallel to the internet but separate. That would make sense.

Cyber Command states that their goal is to be able to disable the Russian military. Hate to inform you but most militaries have a capability for power generation which is separate from the civilian power supply. Yes, that includes the US military. Ask any veteran about the power generators used for mobile operations and emergency generators on every base. That’s been a thing for generations now.

No, this would not cripple the Russian military. What it would stand to do is affect millions of civilians and possibly kill many sick and elderly people.

Of course, none of this is the goal here. The goal is for the Russian press to pick this up so it incites social fear and chaos. Incites social fear and chaos. Is that sounding familiar? Isn’t that precisely what they have accused Russia of doing? Isn’t that precisely what this article is likely to do to our own country? The entire article never says a single word about steps they have taken to nullify any alleged threat. It only details the threat we pose to other countries.

In addition, this article is intended to be a threat to countries other than Russia. Including our allies. Make no mistake, the message has not been lost on our allies. The timing of the article is suspicious, to say the least. Just as more countries turn away from the petrodollar, sell off US Treasuries, make peaceful arrangements with Russia and Iran, suddenly we are hearing of some clandestine cyber operation which can affect power supplies in other countries.

However, the ultimate goal of this announcement is to frighten YOU. To fill you with fear, dread and anger. To make you support the march to war against a nuclear power. To suspend your critical mind, so you never ask why they are not focusing their efforts on defense rather than offense. Eye for an eye. Yet if we suddenly suffered disruptions in our own power supply, how would we know if that was a natural event, caused by Russia or caused by our own government? Don’t worry, they will be sure and let you know what they want you to think caused it. Our government has never conducted any false flag attacks. (sic) Just keep being scared shitless and tune in tomorrow so they can tell you what else you should be petrified about.

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