US Embassy Attack, Still Just A Warning.. For Now

On Sunday, 1/27/2020, the US embassy in Baghdad was struck by 3 rockets. One person suffered minor injuries. This attack came 2 days after more than one million Iraqis gathered to peacefully protest the ongoing US military presence in Iraq, which can no longer be considered anything but an illegal occupation.

One of the most interesting (sic) aspects of this is that our media barely mentioned the massive protest at all. The missile strike was all over every channel and source as leading news.

The US Embassy is located in the “Green Zone”, which is one of the most militarily fortified compounds in the world. That did not prevent the attack from happening and will not prevent future attacks.

The response of the US government matters to an extreme for our 5200 military members stationed throughout Iraq right now. If the fortifications of the embassy are strengthened, that could very well anger the Iraqi people even more. It would be seen as the US government “digging in” with no intention of ever leaving. No matter how much the embassy is fortified, the personnel must commute outside the Green Zone at times. Supplies must enter the compound. Plus the obvious fact that not all 5200 service members are in the one compound but in lesser secured locations in the country. The rising tensions place all of them in danger. The service members are spread across multiple locations across a nation roughly the size of Texas, with a population of over 38 million. Most of whom follow a cleric who has openly called for US forces to leave.

Increasing warnings. This attack came roughly one week after another attack, which allegedly did no significant damage and caused no injuries. I warned at that time that that attack was a warning with no intention of doing harm. This most recent attack on Sunday struck the dining hall of the compound during dinner time, so it appears that harm was intended but not severe harm with the limited scope of the attack.

They know the compound. Keep in mind that our military forces have been in Iraq for over 16 years. Therefore it can be no question that anti-US influences have access to full knowledge of the Green Zone compound, which was previously the palace compound of Saddam Hussein. They may have made some alterations but the basic layout is still the same as it has been, possibly for centuries. They have contact with Iraqi military and possibly civilian personnel who know the schedules, routines and most of the security precautions in place for the compound. To entertain any fantasy that this was a failed attack rather than a more emphatic warning is naive and foolish.

There were more than 3 rockets. The US military reports 5 rockets total were launched at the compound that day, which is an increase in the number of attacks being attempted. One cannot question that the number and severity of attacks being launched will escalate rapidly and we can expect to hear of casualties in the very near future.

Blame Iran? The US government and media are portraying these attacks as originating from Iran with no evidence offered. Yet these attacks are taking place in a country the US invaded illegally, has maintained a presence in for 16 years, where the US armed terrorist groups, where we were told to leave by the prime minister and then we assassinated the leader of the PMU along with Iranian general Soleimani, who is credited with turning the tide against ISIS. Followed by refusal to leave after being told conclusively by their parliament to get out and threatening to impose sanctions on the country after seizing 50% of the profits from oil sales out of Iraq for years. Meanwhile the Iraqi people struggle with unemployment and poverty as a result of the conditions we created.

Something tells me the claims accusing Iran don’t hold much water.

Fear of settling differences. Both Iraq and Iran are majority Shia Muslim countries. Saudi Arabia is mostly Sunni Muslim. However, there are growing whispers that Saudi Arabia is reaching out to Iran and Iraq to settle differences. If that happens, the conflict in Yemen will cease. Quite likely the terrorist attacks in Syria will cease as well. This is what the US militarists fear most of all. It is a possibility. Remember that there was a time when nobody believed Protestants and Catholics would ever learn to coexist. There was a time when nobody thought the IRA (Irish Republican Army) would ever lay down their arms. Yet those things happened. The settling of differences in the ME could happen very soon and quickly when all countries face an external threat that unifies them. The US/Israel alliance is just such a threat.

It is far beyond time for the US to withdraw our forces from countries where we never had a right to any presence in the first place. Our government and media claim that US forces and “interests” are attacked in these countries. Countries we invaded illegally, killed millions and armed proxy terrorists to kill more, plundered and pillaged resources which we have NO right to under any law. None of our people or “interests” would risk attack if they were not there. Even Iraq has said they don’t want Americans gone, just the American military.

None of these governments are going to threaten retaliation against the US on domestic US soil. However, we have empowered and then abandoned terrorist groups multiple times. We have only a few thousand troops in all of these countries combined right now. In one way or another our government has been instrumental in destroying huge portions of their countries. Meanwhile they have watched our military dominance fade and our economy retract. They realize that Israel and Saudi Arabia are far too dependent on the US. They have seen the recent increase in defense aid from the US to Israel, which could be the spark that lights the final fuse.

If we wait any longer for these countries to form an alliance, then we should all fear greatly for the US service personnel in Iraq and Syria.

We won’t get many more warnings. Each one should be considered the final warning.

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Issues unite, names divide

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