Venezuela is far less corrupt than the US ever since Chavez took power.

How corrupt is a society that has the lowest homeless rate of any western nation? That has over 90% literacy? You’re buying into the propaganda. Please don’t spread that on my page, use your own.

They are trying to expand beyond oil. How do you expand trade when your trade is being sanctioned? They produce most of what they consume.

Yes, most of their debt is NOW in yuan because of US sanctions and because they have dropped the dollar. Lots of countries are dropping the dollar. Iraq dropped it and got invaded. Libya was in the process and Qaddafi was assassinated, now they have open slave markets in the streets.

Oligarchy definition: a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.

Thus a Social Democracy cannot be an oligarchy. Previously Jimmy Carter said that Venezuela has the best election system he has seen. The same system remains in place now. Their last election was monitored by observers from FORTY countries and deemed legitimate. Their elections are funded through taxes.

Compare to our election where campaigns are funded by corporations, primaries exclude the largest voting bloc, debates do not include candidates from more than 2 parties and who can be included is determined by polling taken by corporations that donate to and are biased toward the two “authorized” parties.

You oppose oligarchy? Then you should oppose Saudi Arabia and WAR Street. How long have you openly opposed both of those? Because you didn’t mention them.

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Issues unite, names divide

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