Very true and something I have written about a number of times. I just didn’t stress it in this article.

I have to limit the length of articles to match the attention span of the average American and still fail most often. Average attention span for most Americans is meme length.

To compensate, I have developed a specific writing style which is evident. I limit the number of issues and keep paragraphs short.

Many “patriots” would argue against the point you bring up because the US is currently the world leading oil producer. They don’t know and don’t care about the humanitarian and militaristic effects of sanctions and military blockades, that OPEC and Russia have intentionally limited production to maintain oil prices or that China stopped buying US oil last year.

They also don’t know and don’t care that US sanctions have caused Huawei sales to accelerate. This will only be exacerbated when Huawei finishes development of their own operating system, which they have been working on for several years and this simply makes them expand the effort to bring it to market. I’m guessing it will be more secure than Apple or Android when they do release it.

Oh, well. Guess there are a number of points I could compile into another article because this is a short list.

Thanks for the compliment!

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Issues unite, names divide

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