So, The DNC has announced new rules for the convention which amount to election rigging. This will lead to a contested convention and use of superdelegates to determine the Democratic nominee. To enforce those rules, they are putting a rules committee in place comprised of neoliberal capitalist warmongers. In addition, there is allegedly talk on the sidelines of reversing the decision regarding superdelegates, allowing them to vote in the first round of voting to avoid even a contested convention.

Who could have seen this coming? Woe is me.

Now Bernie is speaking out. Really? Now? Even this response is weak tea and limp noodles. Hardly a Revolutionary response.

This has been my major complaint against Bernie for years. He has had 4 years to speak out against election rigging and has failed at every turn. He has had his chance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for 4 years and remained silent through all of that time.

In 2016, Sanders had promised to contest the convention. He never did so. Instead, he surrendered and campaigned for Hillary.

During the 2016 primary, he did not object to the superdelegate system. Instead, he tried using it to his advantage, trying to swing superdelegate votes to his side and failed.

Since then he has gone on the DNC Unity Tour with Perez. When the DNC Fraud lawsuit came along, he was silent. He has never once commented publicly on the DNC defense in court that they were not obligated to offer a fair primary and could “select the nominee in a smoke filled back room”.

Russiagate has been used against Sanders. His response? He has stated that “Russia” helped his campaign in 2016 and he didn’t know about it. He uses the DNC-authorized language, always specifying “Russia” as a ghostly, fearful, malignant entity. He does not state the Russian government did anything. Just “Russia”. His most recent major statement proving he is still doing this was on 14 Jan 2020, when he released this statement:

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In the last few months, Sanders has been silent on the arbitrary rules for inclusion in the debates because he has met the threshold for each one. Tulsi Gabbard has been excluded from multiple debates but Bernie says nothing about that. His response? To participate in the DNC Unity fundraising video.

When Hillary attacked Tulsi Gabbard, Sanders was silent for days. No doubt he finally responded weakly because his supporters demanded something from him and his advisers told him he better say something. If not for that, I expect he would still be silent. Notice he was not silent for days when Hillary said something less offensive about him. That got a response right away.

Now Tulsi has been excluded from the upcoming debate, yet candidates with less support will be included. Even billionaire Bloomberg will be included. Bernie’s response? Silence. Not a word. Obviously as long as he is included, that’s all that matters to him.

We need a warrior who will fight for us. Sanders has proven beyond doubt that he is not that warrior. Millions of votes can be discarded, superdelegates can decide who the nominee is before the campaign begins, the DNC can blame another country, increasing risk of confrontation with a nuclear power and Sanders will be silent. A popular candidate can be excluded from debates and town halls, replaced by neoliberals and billionaires and Sanders will be silent. A former SoS can make false claims that a female member of Congress and decorated war veteran is a Russian asset and he will remain silent. Though when the rules get changed to oppose him, he will speak out. That is not fighting for you, that is fighting for himself.

We need a warrior who will fight for us. Tulsi has shown clearly she will fight for us. She stepped down as DNC vice chair to protest election rigging and openly stated so. She suffered defunding and opposition by the DNC as a result, yet still won reelection in her district. She has voiced opposition to the arbitrary rules for inclusion in debates. She has confronted CNN while on CNN. She has confronted Hillary Clinton in public, gave Clinton a chance to retract her accusation and then, when that failed, filed a defamation lawsuit against Clinton. Tulsi has met with foreign leaders whom we do not agree with and states that is her foreign policy. In other words, diplomacy. She knows we have to end the conflicts first, cut “defense” spending as a result and direct that spending to our own people.

We need a warrior who has appeal across party lines. Tulsi has appeal and support across all party lines, Democrat, Independent, Republican, Green Party and Libertarian. She has support from veterans who oppose war, people of color, women, Progressive men and antiwar activists of all stripes. For those who are apprehensive about the age of a candidate, that anxiety does not exist with her. Which means she has support from younger voters.

We need a warrior who has policies, not rhetoric. One thing is certain, when Tulsi says she will fight, she fights. When she says she will do something, she explains how she will go about it. When she says she will end wars, she explains that she will meet with adversarial leaders. NOBODY else does that. When she says she will oppose political parties yet fight for unity across party lines, she has already proven she will do exactly that. She does not resort to name-calling and party loyalism, which only divides us.

We need a warrior who can face Trump. Trump will be able to use many things against most of his opponents, including Russiagate and this recent failed attempt at impeachment. In direct debate, anyone who has supported or been silent on election rigging will have to answer for it. If they are capitalists who have benefited from his tax cuts, they will answer for it. If they voted in favor of wars they will answer for it. If they have never suggested meeting adversarial leaders for diplomacy, they will answer for it. If a candidate has described themselves as a Socialist, that can be used against them for voters who still object to that label. For those who object to corruption, profiteering and nepotism, there is nothing in her record to object to. Absolutely none of that can be used as ammunition against Tulsi. She would be able to stand toe to toe against Tiny Hand Major Bone Spurs and attract support not only from his opposition but his own base who feel disappointed in Trump. Someone who could not be put on the defensive. NO other candidate could do that.

We need a warrior. We need someone who has not only emotional appeal but has reasonable policies that work for the people. Someone ready, willing and able to use diplomacy but who does not back down. Someone not enslaved to a party but who would serve the American people. Someone who recognizes the human rights of those in other countries. Who opposes regime change. Who follows the Constitution. Who conducts herself with dignity. Who thinks on her feet, is always informed and uses rational thought processes.

Anything less is surrender and settling for less. Anything less is sentencing not just the US but the world to suffering the consequences of our weakness, our oligarchy, our imperialism.

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