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Last week I said that I was laying low for a while. I have taken the time up to now to reconsider and plan the coming direction of the channel.

Between now and election day, I may or may not mention names in the context of issues. This is not a change from what I have done all along. I look at the issues first and apply names in the context of the issues. However, this effort will intensify from this point forward.

It really does not matter to me who wins the election. What matters above all is what WE do AFTER the election and after Inauguration Day. Our agenda needs to be refocused and remain focused on Progressive change.

Some of my audience may not even consider themselves leftist. However, if you are in favor of universal healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public schools, decent infrastructure, stimulus bills, federal small business support, election integrity, election reform, getting big/dark money out of politics, civil rights, human rights, decreasing military spending, etc then YOU, my friend, are a Social Democrat, if not a Socialist.

I have heard many people say they “cannot handle it” if Trump wins again. The last 4 years have done a job on them. My response is that they have simply ignored Biden for the last 50 years. If they “cannot handle” another 4 years of Trump, their options are limited. Because in most respects, 4 years of Biden will be another 4 years of Trump, just with nicer words and NO neoliberal media or DNC “Resistance”. The policies are virtually the same and in some cases worse. That’s as far as I am going with that. Let’s get past history and start looking at the present and the future.

What MOST of the people mean when they say these words is that their urge is to go back to sleep. Pull a lever and then ignore everything for 4–8 years exactly the way they did through 8 years of Obama/Biden. The 4 years of Trump have been a rude awakening for them.

Unfortunately, even with the change in presentation by the media and the DNC if Biden wins, the reality on the ground will not change. We are still headed toward the ground vertically with afterburners at full flame. Close your eyes as tight as you like but we will all suffer the impact. Denial will not stop it from occurring.

No matter which way the election goes, I am going to be happy in one respect. I can then keep my own focus on the issues and try as hard as possible to drag others along with me to the same mindset, if they are not already there. The names do not matter. The names have never mattered because everyone in the pilot’s seat have been following the same flight path toward mass oblivion for decades.

I’ve made it clear countless times that we have to rely on each other. No, you can NOT go back to sleep. The coming years are going to be absolutely crucial to our survival as a country and as a species. Especially the immediate coming year. NONE of us can afford to adopt any attitudes or behaviors of apathy, isolated comfort in echo chambers, helplessness, hopelessness, dependency, despondency and division. Your actions and words like mine do not take place in a vacuum. You affect others. If you exude uncaring, anger, hate, division, hopelessness, etc, then how the FUCK are you any better than your adversary? How are you helping the emotional health of others, helping your community, your country? How are you thinking you will defeat the very forces defeating us? By laying down in front of a moving tank?

In no way am I saying we should be happy about what is happening, what has happened leading us to this point or what is coming. I am saying the exact opposite. From the micro in personal interactions to the macro in city/state/national/global affairs, we have to be active in unified, positive ways that offer human assistance and genuine hope to one another. We cannot change what led us here but we can positively affect the present and the future.

I fully realize a lot of my material is fairly dark and foreboding. None of what I produce is meant to demoralize. It is intended to inform, to educate, to enlighten, to reveal, to incite conscious and innovative thought.

This is the direction the channel will be continuing on. Focusing on issues. Names are incidental. Issues Unite, Names Divide. Are you seeing the wisdom in that statement yet?

While I have not been recording many segments of late, in the background I have written a number of pieces which I will be fine-tuning and recording this week. I have settled on the process of writing most pieces in text and then recording them as well, giving any individual a choice of which they prefer. Some of that does depend on my available time. For a while, I was unable to do both, so the video option was most efficient. If someone prefers the text version, it will always be posted on Medium. I will be working on revising the website this week, as I have a little time off to focus and not many mundane tasks of maintaining my everyday life. I’m also past some personal health and emotional difficulties which had negatively impacted my motivation. Feeling much better and have more energy, which I will be using productively.

Stay tuned because in the next few days the following chapter will be coming for the channel with a large number of pieces coming out in short order. I may not share all of them on social media, as I do not want to get suspended for spamming. (Ha! Like I make any money off of this!) So please keep an eye on Medium and YouTube for new material.

Remember, we are all in this together. WE make the choice whether to be divided or unified. Don’t let others make that choice for you. If we are not part of the solution, WE are the problem.

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Issues unite, names divide

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