What has been disinformation? What evidence that the Russian government had anything to do with it? What is the difference between that and our own media passing misinformation? Where is the responsibility on the person to verify information? (I tend to fact check a lot.) Remember when our media said Russia hacked an electric utility and it turned out that never happened? WMD’s in Iraq? Chlorine attack in Syria where the OPCW found no evidence? Yes, Mueller indicted Russian intelligence officials. Because they are going to rush here and stand trial. Did you know Putin said they will cooperate with any questions Mueller has? How many questions has Mueller asked them? None. That was theater.

ALL of Russiagate is theater. Where did it begin? The DNC servers. Know what has NEVER been examined or subpoenaed by any of THREE “investigations” (House, Senate, Mueller)? The DNC servers. Those servers have only been examined by Crowdstrike, a private company paid by the DNC. Who had to withdraw claims that Russia hacked Ukrainian artillery software because Ukraine said it did not happen and Crowdstrike could offer no evidence.

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Issues unite, names divide

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