What is this rambling gobbledygook?

If you are looking for claps from all the people who will clap for anything and everything anti-Trump, maybe you’ll succeed. Personally, I am a Progressive and hate Trump but expect a bit more substance.

The political and economic instability of this country began long before Trump too office. Yes, he is making it worse, absolutely but there is a HELL of a lot more involved than just Trump. Focus your eyes on WAR Street. Look at the central banks globally. Look at how central banks are artificially propping up the stock market and have been for over a decade. Look at the recent introduction of the petroyuan and what that will mean. Look at stock corporate stock buybacks which accelerated under Trump but began years ago. Look at how the US wages war for financial gain.

You could very seriously look at all of these things and never even mention Trump. Just stick with standing US foreign and economic policy. Getting rid of Trump will not solve our problems. Just result in someone else to blame. Blame does not solve anything. Awareness is the only solution.

Yes, Trump sucks. We get it. We can turn on most MSM stations or pick up NYT or WaPo and get it. Independent media should look at things a bit deeper because we do not have corporate ratings and sponsors to answer to. We have no deadlines to meet, so we can research to our hearts content and publish without fear of managerial reprisal.

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Issues unite, names divide

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