What Really Happened With The Corona Virus In China

The World Health Organization is complimenting China for their massive response to the Corona virus as rate of infection decreases rapidly. So, let’s take a look at the facts involved here and what the implications are.

As of last report, the total of confirmed infected has remained less than 50,000 globally. The total deaths have been under 1000. If you round off the numbers, that is a mortality rate of 0.5%.

Compare that to the flu. In the US alone this season, there have been over 10,000 deaths and 180,000 hospitalized. That is the number hospitalized, not confirmed infections.

Quarantine. Yet China responded quickly and on a huge scale. They built an emergency hospital in 9 days with another opened days later. They implemented a quarantine and mobilized sanitizing equipment across Wuhan, China on a scale not seen in modern times in any country.

The result has been that, while productivity has decreased in China and the country has suffered the highest inflation rate in at least 8 years, the infection rate has declined. Those who have been infected are well or getting there and new cases have been slowed massively. In addition, a vaccine has been already developed and tested, ready for mass production.

What has happened here is that China has illustrated their capabilities to respond to a crisis. They have put FEMA in the US to shame. There was no need for private fundraising drives which are frequently riddled with later accusations of fraud. There was no argument by the Chinese people against providing aid to their fellow citizens.

However, there is more to this. What they illustrated clearly here was their ability to respond quickly and effectively to biological warfare. When you look at the morbidity and mortality rate of the Corona virus, the response was actually quite out of proportion. If the response were truly appropriate, then why has the US not been responding in kind to the far deadlier flu virus? Our public health services don’t even hand out free surgical masks, gloves and antibacterial soap to anyone requesting them.

Was this sending a message? Since China has responded in such a disproportional scale, it indicates knowledge. Obviously there is no way to verify this but an objective observation would tend to indicate that they have intelligence of a possible planned biological attack on their country. By mobilizing such a large scale and rapid response, this was a live drill and may have been a message meant to deter any such attempt. Who was the message intended for? That’s anyone’s guess and I will not venture to offer any assumption here.

A very different approach. Capitalist countries basically ignore epidemics and disasters. They even even attempt to profit from those events. Meanwhile, they waste huge sums of money staging relatively small scale mock drills to imagined attacks, disasters and epidemics. China instead used a real outbreak, reacted within days of the first signs, launched a huge response with live participants- citizens, police, medical personnel, civil service workers, construction workers and media. This was done in a calm and effective coordinated manner. No riots, no breakdown of social structure. Yes, some people have likely suffered financially but not beyond recovery in most cases. I expect the Chinese government to offer significant financial support to businesses and individuals hit hard by the quarantine.

While some parts of this can be construed as conspiracy theory, which I do not generally commit to, the fact that they have demonstrated their ability to respond to such an event is definitely sending a message. This less-than-extremely-lethal outbreak served as practice for their populace in ways no other country has demonstrated. It is questionable whether any other country, including the US, would have the ability and social will to act as quickly and decisively with this level of organization. In spite of US media trying to spin stories that China tried to cover this up, they publicly identified and announced the existence of the virus within days and moved instantly, kept the peace along the way and gave little concern to the economic cost while not seeking any form of profit. The same treatment was given to all financial levels with no preference. Something that the US could not even conceive of realistically. None of that is conspiracy theory.

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