What you believe if you watch MSM

If you watch MSM, this is what you believe-

You believe that Russia decided to poison an ex-spy and his daughter. Using a nerve agent developed decades ago. Allegedly one of the strongest nerve agents ever devised for use on a battlefield. Yet the same nerve agent took up to 7 hours to take effect and both are making a full recovery.

While the same double agent was tried and convicted in Russia, spent 4 years being interrogated in a Russian prison. Then was traded in a spy swap 8 years ago. He has been living under his own name in the open in Britain for 8 years.

Yet Russia decides to poison him 8 years after he left Russia, weeks before the Russian election and a few months before the World Cup in Russia. While Russia is accused of an insane number of offenses and the entire world is watching them.

You believe it is nefarious for Russia to ask for access to the evidence being used against them. The same evidence which has been provided to France, who has NO role in the events.

You believe it is unreasonable for Russia to ask how the UK was able to identify a nerve agent which was never mass produced. Or that Russia asks if the UK has an analog of that chemical agent for comparison at Porton Down, 10 km down the road from the attack. The largest chemical weapon research facility in the UK. (Who has been documented in the past to expose British citizens to chemical agents on the London subway system on purpose.)

You believe Assad for the second time in a year gassed his own people immediately after Trump says we are backing down from attacking the Syrian government. While they are winning against the terrorists in that area.

You believe the videos showing responders wearing no gas masks and no gloves while treating people for an unknown chemical agent.

You believe that Russia asking (again) for the UNSC to do an independent investigation via the OPCW on the ground where the attack took place is a bad thing. It MUST be nefarious for Russia to ask for an independent investigation.

You believe that stations who air commercials for Raytheon and Boeing will tell you the truth about war.

You believe stations who hire ex-CIA or FBI agents will tell you the truth about our government.

You believe stations that have ex-generals as guest speakers are not selling you on warfare.

You believe Iraq had WMD’s.

You believe Hussein worked with ISIS.

You believe the US government is not spying on you.

You believe Iraqi soldiers removed babies from incubators and threw them on the floor in 1991.

You believe that bombing Libya and creating open air slave markets was for Libyan freedom.

You believe Iran has nuclear weapons.

You believe trickle down economics works.

You believe the dollar decreasing in value is a good thing.

You believe tax breaks for the rich help the economy.

You believe if the stock market goes up it means we are all getting rich.

You believe when WAR Street professionals will tell you what is best for you, not what’s best for WAR Street.

You believe that all the things I just listed are not connected.

You believe I must be a Russian agent.

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Issues unite, names divide

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