Yes, Bernie Had A Heart Attack

On Wednesday, 10/2/19, Bernie Sanders had an episode of chest pain. He was rushed to an ER and received two cardiac stents.

There has been debate among those with cognitive dissonance, some claiming that he did not have a heart attack. I can absolutely assure you he did.

I have many years experience in cardiac and emergency medicine, including ER, ICU, Cardiac Critical Care, Intermediate Critical Care and Telemetry. The sequence of events lead to one conclusion and one conclusion only.

On experiencing chest pain, Sanders was taken to an ER where he received an EKG, lab work including Troponin which tests for damage to the heart muscle, a chest xray to rule out lung problems causing the pain. He may have had a 2 dimensional echocardiogram or chest CT to identify which vessels were occluded and to what extent. Then he was taken to the Cardiac Cath Lab, where they inserted a long catheter into his femoral vein and two cardiac stents were placed via that catheter. He was kept on complete bed rest for a number of hours to prevent bleeding at the groin insertion site and allow recovery while direct pressure was kept on the groin site.

At this point, he is on statin drugs for cholesterol and possibly blood thinning medications.

When he restarts his campaign, it will be with a reduced pace.

Many people return to normal activity after a heart catheterization and MI (Myocardial Infarction, the medical term for heart attack). However, one must keep in mind that being a president or even campaigning for president is not what most of us can consider “normal activity”. Being president is a position which includes immense stress and ages any person. Becoming president at this particular point in history would be the most stressful position any president has ever encountered.

Like it or not, this in conjunction with his age brings into question Sanders’s physical capacity to maintain the position of president at this point in time.

This is one of my greatest fears. His supporters will still continue to support him. Or they will not. This will be used against him by the media on both sides. I expect to see his poll numbers plummet.

So the question becomes, who will people now support? You either move left or right. If Progressives are not moving left to support either Tulsi or the Green Party, they will move to the right. Which is exactly where we do not want to go.

In all ways, the Green Party is to the left of Bernie and have had many of “his” suggestions (which from him are suggestions, NOT policies) on their party platform since 2014. Yet none of those ideas are new, they have been around longer than anyone reading this has been living. Many of “his” ideas have been around longer than Bernie has been living. So STOP calling them “his ideas”. Just because you haven’t heard of something before does not make it new!!

In many ways, especially the most important ways, Tulsi is far to the left of Bernie. I will detail that in an upcoming video this weekend.

EVERY other candidate, no exceptions, stands to the right of Bernie. This is my greatest fear. Bernie is far enough to the right, no matter how his supporters engage in wishful thinking to say otherwise. Yet any other candidate will continue the march to the right which the DNC has perpetuated for nearly 30 years. Most people today don’t even grasp how far right the DNC and Establishment candidates are because centrism has been so constant for so long that their memories fail to recall any party being on the Left or they are too young to have seen it at all. So it has become too difficult to imagine what being a Leftist really is for the majority of people today.

Note: I edited this slightly. Originally said femoral artery, when vein is correct. I was getting interrupted a lot while writing this. Sorry.

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Issues unite, names divide

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