Yes, Mueller was a distraction. Impeachment is a distraction.

The focus should be on policies. Progressive policies which attract the true left. Universal healthcare (NOT the ACA), ending wars/conflicts, a platform of no more regime change, decreasing military spending, increasing taxes on the rich, end the war on whistle blowers, drop charges against Manning and Assange.. Election integrity- paper trails. For real this time, not the theater of the federal bill. That is an issue determined and funded at the state level, not federal. That’s why some states have paper trails and some do not. Getting corporate money out of politics by tax funded elections. Equal funding for top 4 parties, not two. Eliminate PACs completely. Open primaries, open debates. Make lobbying a criminal offense with mandatory prison time for lobbyist and lobbied official.

The list can go on but if the DNC does not focus on policies, they have handed the next election to Trump.

Oh, BTW, all these things are already on the Green Party platform and have been for a long, long time. Stop adhering to cults.

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Issues unite, names divide

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