On Sat, 10/6/18 Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court. If you did not expect this to happen, sorry but you were deluding yourself.

If you thought the sexual allegations were going to stop him from being confirmed, you were also deluding yourself. The sexual allegations were nothing but a diversion, as I pointed out previously. The allegations and the vote to confirm him were nothing but theater. The Dims wanted him in office just as much as the Repugs did. Why? Because he is as much or more of a corporate puppet as they are.

The sexual allegations against him were a distraction, a diversion. If they had not brought up the sexual allegations, there was too much chance the Democrats would have had to examine his judicial history, which has been extremely corporate-friendly, ruling in favor of corporations over people consistently for many years. Then if they examined his history, they would have been forced to address their own policies. Or lack of policies, to be more precise. That was something they had to avoid at all costs.

I have written before, in this article that we have been living under fascism for years. Most people in this country do not understand fascism and try to equate fascism with a single leader, a singular name. Fascism is a system which is primarily corporate in nature. The biggest problem we have is that most Americans are literally waiting for the fascist corporate media to tell them they are living under fascism. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

When do you think people living under fascism in other countries figured out they were living under fascism? Did they heed warning signs before the point of no return? Think of not only Nazi Germany. Think of Spain and Franco. Think of Italy and Mussolini. Cambodia and Pol Pot. Most people want to think of the Soviet Union under Stalin, which is literally the least accurate example to consider. He was absolutely authoritarian but not truly a fascist, as our definition of fascism evolves.

Have you noticed anything that these leaders all have in common? No? How about the fact that the US government supported each and every one of them on their rise to the top? Look back at your history books, not to how these leaders ended but how they began. It was only when those leaders showed they would not be profitable to US interests that the support of our government was withdrawn. I can offer many more examples such as Pinochet, Saddam Hussein and numerous other dictators we not only supported but actively helped install into power. I can list and list but it does no good for those who still think that we are the “good guys”.

In the past week or two our government has threatened to conduct a naval blockade of Russia. Calling it an “energy blockade”, it includes the use of amphibious vehicles because most of Russia’s oil supply to other countries flows through pipelines. This comes after attempts to enact sanctions failed due to EU objections.

Our government has threatened to conduct a first strike against Russia. While the only allegations against Russia (unproven still) have to do with electronic warfare. In the cases where there may be some evidence it was announced months after the fact and entailed spies doing what spies do. What our spies do in other countries around the world on a daily basis. On an even lower level. They have not been caught tapping the phone of Angela Merkel, as our government was openly documented as doing.

Multiple maritime confrontations with Chinese ships in Chinese waters inside of two weeks.

How many countries must we bomb? How much must we steal from our own pockets to pay for those bombs? How many countries must we threaten? How many Americans must go homeless? How many must die from lack of medical care? How many must go bankrupt? How many children must drink water which causes permanent developmental damage? How many fraudulent elections must we have? How many women must be sexually abused? How many people must go hungry? How many homes must go into foreclosure? How many young people must we give antidepressants? How many overdoses must we allow? How many protesters must be arrested for speaking out? How many hungry must suffer for how long? How many overtime hours must YOU work in your life? How many citizens must pay on student loans for how many years? How many dead and wounded soldiers must we create? How many bridges must collapse? How many people must suffer after natural disasters? How many unarmed citizens must be beaten or gunned down in the streets by police?

What does it take for you to realize we are NOT the “good guys”?

We can be. But only when we stand up, stand together. Put aside party labels, names, cults, bigotry in all forms and support each other instead of those at the top who step on us every chance they have. That is the only way this country will live up to it’s potential and the image we have of ourselves.

It’s time to look at what our real options are. I’ll do that in the next article.

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Issues unite, names divide

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