You can cease trying to portray China as an evil empire. Note that China is not bombing anyone. Not illegally occupying other countries. Not spending extraordinary sums on their military budget while their debt to GDP exceeds 100%. Note that China has universal healthcare. Compare all the above to the US.

What China is doing is capitalism. Rage all you like against their government openly investing in their businesses, then consider how much the US spends on corporate welfare. Yes, be certain to include all military spending in that.

US technology has largely been built on tech obtained, bought or appropriated from elsewhere. Know where Linus Torvalds came from? Not here.

If the US wants to compete in the world market, we have to compete. Not bully. Considering how we treat our own citizens, that’s not likely and if we change it right this minute we will still be decades behind for the lack of concern we have shown for education. Know how many Chinese citizens go bankrupt due to student loans? None.

DHL, a German company which operates in numerous countries (including the US), just started a drone courier service. In China.

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Issues unite, names divide

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