You fail to mention a number of things here.

First, the very existence of the “approved” WH press corps is censorship in and of itself. Only certain sources are allowed to attend press conferences. A journalist from another source outside that small circle will not be allowed to enter the door.

CNN was not banned. Only one person was banned and labeling him as a journalist stretches the limit of that definition beyond the breaking point. CNN could very well send someone more serious to report on the WH.

You do not mention the blocking of RT from the WH. The Constitutional right you mention refers to freedom of the press. Not freedom of specific press outlets or names.

You fail to mention corporate censorship. When a limited number of corporations control media access and were instructed by CONgress to perform nothing less than censorship, that is a problem. Alex Jones, the silencing of hundreds of Progressive, mostly anti-war pages by FB and Twitter, the manipulated rankings of pages by Google, changing of algorithms to favor specific candidates or viewpoints in spite of actual search term rankings are all forms of censorship. So was the firing years ago of Chris Hedges by the NYT, Ed Schultz by MSNBC, the cancellation of a contract and gag order against Jessie Ventura.

You fail to mention Julian Assange. While this administration has increased the attack on him, it did not begin by any means since 2017.

If you want to push an entirely specific, narrow and establishment-leaning viewpoint, you really should try publishing it with an establishment source. Try NYT, WaPo, etc. You’re supporting corporate America, not freedom of the press.

There are many other voices here on Medium and we will not be censored.

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Issues unite, names divide

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