YOU Just Spent $300 BILLION To Bail Out Wall Street.. And That Cost Just Started

This past week, the Federal reserve began pumping money into “the market” at a rate of $75 Billion PER DAY, for 4 days in a row.

They stated that they will continue doing this for three weeks straight, at a maximum rate of up to $75 Billion per day, every day.

So, 4 days at $75 billion per day adds up to $300 billion. If they pump the maximum amount stated of $75 billion per day, 5 days a week, the grand total potential damage will be $1,050,000,000,000.00. Yes, that is accurate. $1 TRILLION plus $50 billion.

Keep in mind that when the Federal Reserve speaks of helping “the market”, what they are referring to is the stock market. It has absolutely nothing to do with the consumer market, the residential housing market or anything that has anything to do with the typical American. It pays no worker salary, no rent, provides no food to any American that needs it, provides no medical care, subsidizes no life saving medication.

This money simply does not exist before the Fed magically “creates” it for the sole purpose of handing it out freely to shore up a failing stock market. All of this is coming after a massive tax cut that corporations used to repurchase their own stock for the benefit of corporate executives and major investors. It comes after a $38 billion bailout of corporate farmers, which did nothing to reduce food prices for citizens. THAT came after an $18 billion bailout of the same corporate farmers in 2018. It comes after JP Morgan was revealed to have been hoarding gold and an estimated 50% of the global silver market for the purpose of manipulating the international precious metals market. It comes after multiple investment advisers and wealth managers (including JP Morgan) have advised their wealthiest customers to divest from the dollar, invest in foreign currencies and precious metals, especially gold.

Ford has laid off tens of thousands of workers in the past year. GM laid off tens of thousands more. GE laid off tens of thousands more. We have retail closures at a rate higher than any year in US history. Record numbers of federal student loan defaults. Manufacturing is down globally. Transportation of goods is down globally. Bloomberg reported that the economy had lost 600,000 jobs between December 2018 and May 2019. UAW are on strike, while GM canceled thousands of workers health insurance, after posting a profit of $8.1 billion in 2018.

Now, try and imagine what the economy would look like if the same $1 Trillion were provided to workers, to consumers. That money would be enough to hand $50,000 EACH to a total of 20 MILLION workers. Or $25,000 each to 40 million workers. In other words, it would prevent sickness or death, eviction/foreclosure, pay for education, pay off student loans, provide transportation.

So, what has the effect of this cash giveaway to the rich been so far? On Thur and Fri this week, the DOW dropped by a total of 212 points, for a total drop during one week of 285 points.

Why is this happening? Because corporate liquid assets have run dry. Something I have been warning about since 2017. Corporations used all their money to buy back stocks and drive stock prices higher, while outside investors have largely pulled their money out of the stock market, even before the warnings of JP Morgan and the like. With no more cash on hand, the corporations have nothing left to prop up the market.

Remember that the stocks most propping up the stock market are of companies that produce basically nothing. The FAANG stocks- Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google. The value of stocks is measured in the fiat dollar, of which the value is measured based on resources not owned by this country, with more dollars being printed by a private bank out of thin air, valued on uncertain future repayment by the companies that produce nothing.

I have been predicting for years that these events would occur in exactly this sequence. This is the final step before the cliff. There is absolutely nowhere else to go. The Fed can discuss dropping interest rates into the negative all they like. It will do no good. We are now at the edge of a Fukushima-level economic event and there is no turning back. This crash has been formulating for decades but was absolutely certain in June of 2018, when the Federal Reserve raised the core interest rate. That was the sign it could not be averted. Stocks immediately dropped that very same day.

At this point there is literally no value in investors or corporations spending money on capital investments to maintain or create jobs, to increase production or anything else. The dollar can no longer be propped up, no matter how many wars we wage or threaten. Consumers have no more money which will fund even a continuation, let alone an expansion of the current system.

The next step will be that the last investors and corporations will begin selling off stocks in a mushroom cloud, each investor and executive trying to sell off as much as possible to cash in while the stocks are at high numbers. Convert to cash, deposit the funds in offshore accounts as they board their private jets out of the country. Smaller investors not sitting directly in front of their computers as day traders will lose basically everything, far worse than 2018 or 1929.

I will offer one single disclaimer to this. If you read over my previous economic writing, the only times I have ever been proven incorrect is when I included an estimated timeline. I have never been incorrect regarding events themselves. So you will notice that I am not including a timeline in this post. The reason I have been incorrect on time frame has been because I literally underestimated the absolute depth of corruption. This crash is definitely at our doorstep, right here, right now. So it is only a matter of time, which will not be long.

The only thing which could potentially stave it off momentarily would be an actual war. Not military intervention, actual war declared by Congress. yet even that will not save the economy and would ultimately lead to the collapse being worse than we currently face.

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