You rely completely on math and statements that only confirm your narrative and ignore all else. True sign of a bigot.

Name calling? If it quacks like a duck..

You also do no thinking for yourself. Having a piece of paper means you attended classes. It does not mean you learned anything. Like a PhD friend of mine used to say, classifications of degrees: AS- A little shit. BS- Bullshit. MS- More shit. PhD- Piled High and Deep.

You’re an investment manager. Maybe you should be capable of doing your own research instead of relying on what others with bias tell you to think. You’re a propagandist. Tell me something you have ever done that benefits anyone without making a personal profit. Then you’ll impress me. Capitalists do not impress me.

Capitalism is a religion. You are willing to allow or even cause suffering, destruction and death for your imaginary GOD- Gold, Oil, Dollars. You literally believe in a system whereby you are worthless. Only what you possess has value. Without your money, you offer no value to society and no value to other capitalists. Think about it. If the monetary system ceased to exist, what value do you have? Be honest with yourself on this issue.

What are you trying to accomplish right this minute?

Here, try these economics on for size.

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Issues unite, names divide

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