You, Venezuela, The Draft and Armageddon

For at least 74 years, the US Empire has been on a non-stop push for global domination by any means. Any means can include the absolute decimation of the planet with everything and everyone in it.

This has been a push since at least the end of WWII. During WWII, the US and the USSR were allies. Check your history books and you will find the US president meeting multiple times with Russian leaders in solidarity against Nazi Germany.

After WWII ended, so did US government goals and tactics. Russia became an enemy by virtue of the fact that they were seen as a competitor and propagator of Marxism, which stands in complete opposition to capitalist desire to own all in it’s view and destroy anything that stands in it’s way.

Not about Communism or Socialism. It does not have anything to do with Communism or Socialism, exactly. The US also opposes vehemently any capitalist economy that stands in competition rather than cooperation with the goals of the kleptocracy. Russia and China have been competing with us on capitalism and largely winning in recent years using fully capitalist methods. Depending on what method is used to measure, China is already or soon will be the strongest consumer market on the planet. They are not just producing goods for export, they buy their own goods. Russia has improved their economy and become a major oil/gas and grain exporter. Hence, they become major threats, though neither country is Communist any more.

No loyalty. Make no mistake in thinking that this has to do with country or nationalism. The same competition was taking place before the US became the world capitalist leader. Think back to the British Empire, which attempted to dominate any country which had resources they could plunder. So did the Spanish at one time. Capitalists have no loyalty to country or ideology. Their ideology is greed and power. They have no other belief system and never will.

Willing submission of the populace. To dominate the entire planet, it is mandatory that they convince the populace of the strongest country, whatever country that is, that oppression, murder, destruction and theft of resources is not only necessary but the birthright of the citizens of that country. They must be convinced to fight and die for some vague ideal which does not profit them but benefits the owners of capital, holders of power. To not only embrace their own slavery, real or virtual, willingly but to enforce that system with any citizens who raise an opposing voice. In reality, those who turn against dissident voices are no better than Nazi sympathizers.

Modern feudalism. Prof Richard Wolff has stated that the most stable economic system in history was the feudal system. Today the feudal lords are corporations and we are the peasants serving the masters.

Female draft approval. In June of 2016, CONgress quietly approved females for the draft. Most Americans are still not even aware of this fact. There are several things to note about that decision. 1- This was the first time that CONgress had discussed the draft in over 40 years, since the end of Vietnam. 2- We are not formally at war with anyone. 3- This was decided at a time when the military had not been meeting enlistment quota for several years. This remains true now and many service members have been involuntarily extended for years. 4- CONgress does not discuss the draft in abstract. This was planning. It did not matter who won the 2016 election.

Increased international tensions. Since that time, the government and media have intentionally ratcheted up tensions and animosity against numerous other countries with a strong military presence or resources worth pillaging. Syria, Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela.

Military discharges. In the same time frame, the Trump administration has discharged and deported thousands of immigrant service members. Recently, they also managed to ban transgender service members from duty. In addition, there has been a strong push to discharge all service members who cannot be deployed to war zones for any reason. That accounts for tens of thousands of service members.

So, what do you expect to happen if we expand our military presence or our conflicts any further than they are now? Expanding that presence and conflict appears to be the goal of our entire CONgress.

Oblivious. Many Americans are oblivious to the fact that the US is currently bombing 8 countries, have armed forces in 50 of 54 African nations and are militarily threatening all of the countries mentioned above plus North Korea. Nor do most Americans do the math to realize that we have 1400+ military bases that are acknowledged by the government. We have no idea how many black sites we have.

That is a total of at least 28 military bases per US state. That is not even counting aircraft carriers, submarines and other warships spanning the oceans.

The draft is coming. To replace all the service members being discharged, those reaching retirement age, those injured and killed in the line of duty, the draft is coming. With the foreign policy which has been the same and expanding for decades, there will be no other choice if we, the people, do not stand in opposition to these policies. To do that means we have to see through the propaganda and we must rage against further invasion into other countries by any method, be it political, economic or military.

Allies? The US likes to speak of our allies. Yet because our alleged allies have been harmed in numerous ways by US sanctions and military actions, we no longer have true allies. In some cases we have accomplices but they will abandon us if there is no profit in the alliance for the “leaders” of those countries. Europe is resistant to US sanctions on Russian and Iranian trade. It costs Europeans more money to follow along with those sanctions. While some leaders follow like puppets, polls of the majority of European citizens show they do not feel Russia or Iran are threats. The same is true of Americans.

One must keep in mind that the UNSC never issued approval for the invasion of Iraq. Also that the UN has always considered US presence in Syria to be against international law.

Allied opponents. While we lack true allies, our opponents do not. Note that I do not call them enemies. That’s because they have legitimate complaints of our behavior and specific reasonable steps which would still ease tensions with them. Our government refuses to cooperate with those steps. When you look at the list of our opponents, you find they are all allied in one way or another. Russia and China are military allies. Russia has interests in Syria, where they have had a military base for over 40 years in addition to business interests. China and India trade for oil with Iran. China absolutely opposes any US presence in North Korea, right on their border. Both Russia and China have vested business and political ties with Venezuela which they will defend far more assertively than most Americans have any realization of.

There are more alliances beyond that. Turkey remains connected to the US only reluctantly. That can change, as it has before. Mexico and several South American countries only barely tolerate us. Other South American countries are only allied with us for monetary reasons. Pakistan wants nothing else to do with us. Nor do the Philippines.

Low consequences. With all of our military conflicts for well over a century, the continental US has not suffered domestic attacks. No civilians on American soil have died or been injured as a result of our military adventures. This makes Americans far too prone to supporting attacks on other countries. However, should we enter a major conflict with the opponents we are provoking now, that could very well change at a moment’s notice.

Lack of antiwar representation. Corporate media does not present the voices of Americans who oppose war. In the rare case they do, those voices are presented as less intelligent or not patriotic. At this point in time, we are likely to be called Russian trolls.

If you think this is a change, you’re wrong. Look back to how anti-war protesters were presented during Korea and Vietnam. They were often called Communists, portrayed as drug addicts prone to violence. Meanwhile most were college educated and protesting against violence.

With protests against later conflicts, the media has simply ignored us. If they do not present anti-war protests, people become disheartened and feel alone in their opposition. It is as if a protest does not exist and the entire country supports conflict.

The only choice we have is to engage in such massive protests and boycotts that they are undeniable. However, I do not expect to see this happen until a draft is announced. By then it may be too late and we will be in conflicts we can not back out of.

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Issues unite, names divide

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