You want journalism? Freedom of the press?

You try and place all the blame on Trump. He makes things worse but he is a symptom, not the disease. Obama signed propaganda (2012) and censorship (2016) into law. He conducted a war against whistle blowers.

Conspicuously missing from your rant is support for Julian Assange. You cannot have a modern discussion on freedom of the press and NOT mention his name.

Bad actors? How about ALL sources that portray Russiagate as having a factual basis? Corporate media fails miserably to ask basic questions or demand proof. Instead we hear “unnamed anonymous sources” offering no evidence yet reported as fact. “High confidence” is recited without bringing up the fact that the exact same words were forced upon us by the exact same people regarding WMD’s in Iraq. How’d that work out for you?

Russiagate has led to the media, social media and the most mindless of the masses screaming for censorship. Censorship which led to the suppression of Alex Jones. While he is horrible, when speaking of freedom of the press/speech we must defend speech we do not like, not pick and choose. I warned at that time what was coming. Most media remained silent on defense. Then we had the suppression of over 800 pages from social media, nearly all Progressive pages. You also failed to mention any of that.

You state WaPo does a great job. Then fail to mention that WaPo is owned by Bezos and has a contract with the CIA.

Go into analyzing how issues affect people? Okay, how about articles supportive of universal healthcare? Ending wars? Reducing military spending? Why higher wages and even public assistance boost the entire economy? How the stock market is a negative image of the real economy? The rise of the petroyuan? Explaining why oil is one of our top three exports AND top three imports? The fact that we are bombing 7 countries? The effects of sanctions on our allies?

You fail throughout your entire piece to mention that nearly every major media outlet in this country is owned by only six corporations. Corporations that trade on WAR Street and even host paid advertising for military contractors.

I could go on with my criticism but end by saying that you are conspicuously silent on far too many aspects of your chosen subject. Illustrating not journalistic competency but just more bias and malpractice.

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Issues unite, names divide

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