You’re still making excuses and trying to promote American exceptionalism.

The US has been not only involved in but instigated in some way every single armed conflict globally in our lifetime. Doesn’t matter where it is or who was involved.

Far right? Tell me, who is pushing Russiagate and the risks involved with that? Who was president when we went from bombing 2 countries to bombing 7 countries? While Trump sucks and should not be trusted, when he met with North Korea and Russia, who called that “treason”? Why did the neoliberal media say Trump was “presidential” when he bombed Syria?

Yes, WE are responsible for the action of our government when WE do not hold our government to account.

WE are responsible when claiming we are ethically superior while our sanctions kill hundreds of thousands, our bombs (either our own or sold to countries like Saudi Arabia) kill millions.

WE are responsible when we remain silent on the actions of OUR government giving BILLIONS annually to countries like Israel while they conduct genocide against Palestinians.

WE are responsible when talking about China while tens of thousands of Americans are dying from lack of medical care or from exposure due to homelessness. All while corporations make record profits and there are more vacant homes than there are homeless people. (Not even more families, more homeless people counted individually.)

What part of “a government of the people, by the people and for the people” did you not get?

Make all the excuses for hatred, racism and war you like. Because that is exactly what you are doing.

I will keep calling it out.

Don’t try and call yourself a leftist or Progressive. Stop mentioning the right because you are right wing in your behavior and attitudes. Look in the mirror.

I’m done here. You have nothing to say which I care to hear.

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Issues unite, names divide

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