You’re still trying to push trickle-down economics.

No, what benefits corporations is not beneficial to workers and at this stage is not beneficial to even the corporations. It is only beneficial to major stockholders. If it were beneficial to workers (and hence consumers), the record profits of recent years would have resulted in record wages. Instead it has resulted in massive stock repurchases.

The impetus for corporate growth has collapsed under it’s own weight, resulting in mass retail chain closures and bankruptcies. That causes malls to fail, resulting in small business failures by the thousands nationally. All the above results in loss of consumer income. This impacts the profit margins of other corporations and small businesses.

The idea that the remaining corporations are somehow more profitable is deceiving. If they offer crucial products or services, that just means they inherit the patronage of those businesses that no longer exist. When you look at the total transactions conducted for the same products and services, you find a large decrease due to the loss of consumer income.

WAR Street loves to claim that jobs are increasing. They do not explain that this is primarily because full time positions have been split into part time positions. More workers than ever are working multiple jobs. Ford is laying off, GM is laying off, Harley Davidson is laying off, Sears is bankrupt, Toys R Us is no more, along with many other companies. Those jobs are not being replaced by some competition. No, US Steel is not building new plants. So, try and explain where those new jobs are.

The trickle-down story has been with us since Reagan. It has never worked, does not work now and will never work.

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Issues unite, names divide

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